St. Elizabeth College of Nursing

College Strategic Plan

St. Elizabeth College of Nursing Strategic Plan: 2018-2023

Objective 1:

Engage the learner in educational strategies that promote achievement of student learning outcomes, program outcomes and the pursuit of life-long learning.

  1. Promote initiatives to improve student retention and graduation competion of 66% and NCLEX pass rates >85%.
  2. Ensure end-of-program student learning outcomes include direct measures to evaluate educational effectiveness in the Systematic Plan of Evaluation.
  3. Prepare students for successful careers and employment within twelve (12) months of graduation at 95% through adequate program preparation and exposure to employment opportunities.

Objective 2:

Manage resources in collaboration with the governing organization and the community to enhance educational excellence.

  1. Produce budgets with three (3) year forecasts that are balanced to provide resources to meet student needs.
  2. Coordinate resources with governing organization for effective planning of new hospital.
  3. Promote student access and affordability.

Objective 3:

Model leadership in nursing education by adherence to evidence-based standards of practice and regulatory requirements.

  1. Provide faculty with resources for effective orientation, mentoring and teaching strategies to ensure student achievement of end-of-program outcomes.
  2. Provide effective organizational leadership and oversight to ensure program effectiveness to meet institutional goals and mission.

Objective 4:

Empower college constituents in the spirit of Franciscan values to embrace service to one another in the community.

  1. Integrate meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience and promote civic responsibility.
  2. Foster an inclusive learning environment to embrace diversity.

Objective 5:

Promulgate a climate of safety for all college constituents.

  1. Promote safety practices by developing processes to ensure a secure environment.
  2. Provide a fair and equitable environment to all college constituents to protect individual rights.
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